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The consultants are experts in the 3 pillars of the Sustainable Development. Find out our datasheets by clicking on images. Theses are only in french. Feel free to contact us for any precision or translation.



The respect and the protection of our natural environment is the key of vault of the tourism, we are convinced of it. For more than twenty years, the consultants of FTC created and have implemented a wide bouquet of solutions in favour of the environment and of the corporate social responsibility of any professional organization.

Environmental performance
Energy performance

Quality of service


The management of the quality at our customers is a traditional activity of FTC. Our methods of intervention are personalized according to the types of companies and are realized in the form of advice, of training, of auditing and of coaching.

Quality of service
Quality Coaching Prehistoric sites
Quality Audit
Prehistoric sites



The optimization of the company's profitability is our priority. The values of our consulting firm direct our solutions on the profitability by the sustainable development.

"Improvement of the profitability of a tourist organization"
Business Plan
Management & profitability
Transfer of business



The marketing is the permanent adaptation of the products and services in customer expectations. The consultants of FTC intervene every day on these adaptations by conferences, trainings, audits, advices and especially by specific techniques of optimization of the commercial performances and the attendance of territories.


Human Resources


One of the values of the consulting firm FTC is to place the Man in the center of the device of the tourism. We think that the ideal equation of the profitability is : 1 happy employee = 1 happy customer = 1 happy shareholder. Of this equation one set up by the original solutions such as the well-being in the work, the ergonomics, the risk prevention for example.

Optimize the professional interview
Set up a training plan
Well-being at work
Ergonomic safety
The operational tools of the management for catering businesses
Better manage the skills and the human resources in Tourism Office
Risk prevention

Accessibility and Handicaps


The accessibility to every public is a major stake in the tourism at our time. FTC proposes original solutions adapted to the elderly person, to the infant or for one person in situation of handicaps by the audit, the action plan, the council and the training.

Accessibility of places and tourism services
Accessibility of tourism destinations

Coaching of manager


Numerous leaders understood the importance not to make a decision any more only. It is in this direction that they turn towards the experts and the coaches of FTC who listen to them, understand them and accompany them in the decisions to take for their company or their territory. 


Hotel engineering


The customers of FTC invite us regularly to participate in their reflections or delegate us the assistance for project management in hotel engineering so much for their creation, modernization, renovation, enlargement etc. As and whenever necessary, FTC enriches these services by experts contribution such as architects, landscape painters, town planners, engineers in energy etc.

Sustainable buldings



The training is a permanent mode of intervention of our consulting firm. We intervene upstream on the creation of training plans for companies, then trainings leading to a qualification, short-term trainings and trainings integrated into a grouping of companies.

Most of the consultants FTC intervene in numerous international universities.

Our offer of trainings is gathered within " the Academy ECORISMO ".