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1994 - 2000


Philippe FRANCOIS created the François-Tourisme-Consultants (FTC) company following numerous positions in operational management for the hospitality and tourism industries.

In 1996, at the World Congress of hotel schools in Nairobi, he began to be fully involved in the protection of the environment within the tourism and hospitality industry. 


2001 - 2007

FTC became one of the leading European specialists in consultancy, education and training in the tourism and hospitality industries.

In 2007, FTC offered an innovation to industry professionals: the Fair-trade and Forum ECORISMO, a B to B event that brings together the best suppliers in sustainable development solutions for tourism and a vast program of original conferences: ECORISMO.


2008 - 2014


The company expands and develops in France and abroad, adding many new services, such as hotel engineering, marketing, financing, profitability. Its main focus though are in particular the sustainable development solutions for businesses and tourist areas.

In 2008, François-Tourisme-Consultants created subsidiary FTC Training & Auditing for all its training and auditing missions.

Since 2010, the FTC opens new offices in Tunisia, Morocco, Madagascar, Algeria and South Korea. International Development FTC accelerates.
In 2014, FTC BIORISMO creates a 'bouquet' of practical solutions and Biodiversity label for Hospitality and Tourism.


2015 and the future


In 2015, FTC tailors its own solutions to create and develop businesses and territories in global economic and sociological environment. The new challenges are threefold:

  • Strengthen corporate profitability and the flux of visitors in tourist destinations - an example of the new FTC service: hotelean®

  • Actively participate in creating and applying environmental solutions (particularly those continuing to the climate change mitigation) and optimize the professionalism of the team

  • Extending our activities internationally by creating a network of experts in a number of countries around the world      


Today, the team has 19 members, 5 permanent employees including managers, 8 partnering and 3 external consultants.